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Chris’ Story

My initial journey with ResetU started Jan 2022 where I was @ about 38%BF and weight over 260. Although this past 12 weeks has not been as drastic of a drop as prior 12 challenges, this one went through all the eating holidays and I’m very happy where I am currently. 2023 will be an amazing year!!!

Heidi’s Story

So proud of myself! Wish I had taken measurements, too.
Ending weight: 132.4 lbs.
BF%: 27.3%
Mostly pain free and went from jeans size 10 to 6! Size 4 goal shorts fit snugly!

Liese’s Story

Wowie well it’s been a super challenging month or two!
Weight 61kg / 134.5lb
Body fat 31%
Menopausal symptoms have been fierce, sleep very much disrupted. Soooo very busy with work, dealing with lots of stress and not a lot of time for self care or work outs. Also a fair bit of eating out.
A visit to a TitTar bone setter improved my ankles a whole lot, will probably go back once more.
Despite this however, I have managed to maintain my weight since the beginning of the challenge. Of this, I am super happy!
No further loss, but definitely an improvement in my overall body aches and pains, my main reason for doing this.

Marcy’s Story

Okay, Challenge wrap up! Starting weight 203.9 current weight 189.4. Starting BF% 42.5 current BF% 40.1. Definitely had some ups and downs. Worked through a decent amount of shoulder pain, which is minimal at this point. It’s been a great journey so far, but I’m not done. This is just a check in for me until I hit my personal goal. Congratulations
to everyone who did the Challenge. I hope you’re all amazingly proud of yourselves!

Mike’s Story

I began my journey with this program six months ago, following the advice of my brother Chris. If I had known then what I know now, I would have started much earlier. I began in late June of 2022, weighing in at my heaviest ever at 284lbs, with a body fat percentage of 36%. This program has completely transformed the way I think about food and exercise. Incorporating stretching into my daily routine has made a significant impact on how my body feels.
In July of 2022, I started my first 12-week challenge. By the end of it, I had lost nearly 30lbs and 5% body fat. I was thrilled with the progress I had made and eagerly looked forward to the next challenge. In this current 12-week challenge we began in November with me weighing 239.4lbs and a body fat percentage of 29.4%. I finished at 222.8lbs & 26.1% BF. Though I did not reach my 12-week goal, I am so pleased with the progress I have made, and I know that my goals are achievable.
I would like to express my gratitude to the RESETU Team for their ongoing support and encouragement. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey towards my ultimate goal of 18% body fat!
For fun I have included a picture of me now in the pants of a suit that I wore before I started this program! I have come a long way now down over 60lbs since I started!

Shanley’s Story

I am beyond proud of myself! 158 lbs, 30% body fat and over 11 inches lost. I had many setbacks with my hips being out of alignment, back being finicky, feet going numb at times and tight hip flexors due to exercises I wasn’t ready for but I pushed through and did my best! I will continue this program and will stay on track to meet my goal of 150 and lower than 28% body fat. Cheers!

Tracee’s Story

I hesitated posting my update because I didn’t come close to hitting my goal but looking back at my journey, I’m actually really damned proud of myself!
I didn’t quit. Despite the slow progress, despite multiple all setbacks from injuries and illness, despite holidays and travel, I lost almost 15lbs and 3%bf in these 12 weeks. ( 24lbs total since I started)
I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life and PRed in every exercise.
I can bench press with actual plates on the barbell now!
I’ve still got a ways to go but I know I’ll get there.

One of these 7 finalists will win $2000 prize based on your votes!

Challenge Features


Go through our Reset Protocol. Where we reset the two major fat loss hormonal issues: insulin & inflammation. Tons of meal combinations to give you sustainable variety.


Resistance training plans specific to your muscular imbalances updated on a weekly basis as your body heals.


Stretching and foam rolling plans specific to the trauma your body’s gone through and continues to go through on a daily basis.


At Reset-U most clients come to us having failed numerous times before. This gives them a fear of failure. This fear of failure can cause them to reject new things and change for fear of another failure.


You’ll get weekly Group Zoom Check ins with a ResetU Coach. Along with being added into our Private FB Group to have an uplifting community and daily access to our coaches.

Guaranteed Results

Our team at Reset U team found that there was a major problem in our country. People were working out & dieting but still not getting results. So we started ResetU to guarantee that everyone gets results or we’ll refund your money.

How Does The Challenge Work?

The 12 Week Reset Challenge is a competition within our Group Coaching program.

Our Group Coaching is online based membership program you can do from home.

Your workouts can be done at home or at the gym. It is up to you.

The program includes weekly customized stretching, training, meal plans, accountability and mentorship all provided by our team of experienced trainers.

It is clear cut proven strategy with a guarantee for success!

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Prior Success Stories

Here are some past ResetU member transformations!

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