$2000 12 Week Reset Challenge!

$2000 12 Week Reset Challenge!

New Challenge Starts October 31st!

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How to Vote: Simply click the name of the transformation/story you believe should win the $1000. The voting buttons are located directly below the photo carousel. Voting ends 9/30 at 5 pm!

Chris’ Story

The 12 weeks have come to an end!!! I have hit another milestone!!! I did not reach my stated goal, but did get into the 190’s…. Todays weight is 199.7 and am excited to be here. I started the 12 weeks at 217 and 27% BF and todays readings are 199.7 lbs and 23.4% BF (my initial weight before starting with ResetU was 260ish). I have changed my habits so much over the past months and I know I have so much more to accomplish. Congrats to everyone in this group coaches and members, I get motivation and direction from everyone.

Derrick’s Story

Crazy how fast 12 weeks goes by! So when I started the challenge I was at 218lbs, and 22.7% body fat. I was satisfied with where I was, seeing as a couple short years ago I was at 307lbs. But I was also at a point where I was struggling to maintain the diet and the incentive of the challenge was good to re-focus me. It was difficult however to stick to it fully as it was summer, we went on a few family vacations, fairs and such that made it difficult to stick to the diet and exercise regimen. Week after week Glenn has challenged me to get below 20% body fat, and as of today, just barely, I DID IT! I’m currently 202.8lbs, and 19.9% body fat. I’m feeling pretty great body wise, I’ve been able to go mountain biking every week lately without any knee pain, which was one of my main goals. And my back pain is far less than it was prior to joining this program.

Mike’s Story

Ok 12 weeks in! I am feeling great. This program has really helped me be more accountable on what I eat and drink and has kept me on track. I work in the alcohol beverage industry and has been challenging. I finished this last week on vacation so I actually have a few pounds back from where I was last week but I am back at it! I started this 12 week challenge and 276.7lbs and 35.5% BF. I weighed in this morning at 247.4lbs and 30.9%BF. Looking forward to continuing my journey!

One of these 3 finalists will win $1000! Please spare a moment to vote for the best story!

Challenge Features


Go through our Reset Protocol. Where we reset the two major fat loss hormonal issues: insulin & inflammation. Tons of meal combinations to give you sustainable variety.


Resistance training plans specific to your muscular imbalances updated on a weekly basis as your body heals.


Stretching and foam rolling plans specific to the trauma your body’s gone through and continues to go through on a daily basis.


At Reset-U most clients come to us having failed numerous times before. This gives them a fear of failure. This fear of failure can cause them to reject new things and change for fear of another failure.


You’ll get weekly Group Zoom Check ins with a ResetU Coach. Along with being added into our Private FB Group to have an uplifting community and daily access to our coaches.

Guaranteed Results

Our team at Reset U team found that there was a major problem in our country. People were working out & dieting but still not getting results. So we started ResetU to guarantee that everyone gets results or we’ll refund your money.


Take a look at what some past accomplishments from our ResetU Fam!

How Does the Challenge Work?

Our 12 Week Reset Challenge is BACK and better than ever.

Our 12 Week Reset Challenge is an uplifting competition within our Private Group Coaching program that will give you added accountability and mentorship each week while also providing a clear cut strategy to guarantee success!