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The Reset U Fitness Mechanbolic Reset is a proven program that helps acute, chronic & neuropathic pain sufferers eliminate their pain in 30 days without stepping foot in a gym so they can achieve their dream health and fitness goals.

Reset U Fitness Mechanbolic Reset
And the craziest part about Reset U Fitness is it all starts with a broomstick… yes…. a broomstick.

This video explains the Method in detail

How Does It Work?

With the Reset U Mecanabolic Reset, consistency is the name of the game.
We’ll work with you on the following actions until you reach your goals.

Weekly Squat Assessment

Weekly Stretching Program

Weekly Customized Workouts

On-Going Meal Planning

On-Going Coaching

The Broomstick Squat Guide

Would You Hate It If We Helped You Relieve Your Pain?

Get your free Broomstick Squat Guide and learn the first step in the Reset U ‘Mechanabolic Reset’ Method.
Follow what the guide teaches you get relief from your pain… TODAY!

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You’ll Learn:
  • How muscle imbalances are likely the root cause of your pain
  • How to identify what YOUR imblances are
  • How to relieve the pain from those imbalance at home
All You Need Is:
  • The desire to be out of pain
  • A cell phone to video record yourself with
  • A few minutes of your time.
Where Should We Send Your Guide?

30 Day Pain Free & Proud Guarantee

We guarantee that; If you join Reset U today and follow the program for 30 days you will see a big decrease or an end to your pain. If that doesn’t happen, we will give you your money back.

No questions asked.

30 Days
Pain Free
We’re here for you. Pain Free. Guaranteed.

What Pain Free People Have To Say…

From Struggle to Success: Transformative Stories from the Reset U Community

Your Guides,

Glenn & Brianna Dawson

We strive to resolve seemingly ‘impossible’ pain problems for people who are tired and hurting yet eager to take charge of their health.

Our passion to help others is exceeded only by our love for each other and our young daughter.

Why the focus on pain?

Glenn and Brianna have both gone through the difficult process of feeling like they lost their sense of self, as athletes, due to an injury and the pain that came with it. They understand firsthand how it feels to be left feeling exposed, scared and having to deal with unwanted weight gain.

They also know exactly what it takes to regain; balance, strength and flexibility in order to get out of pain (for good).

Prior to starting Reset U, Glenn was a Functional Trainer for 10 years with hundreds of success stories. He specialized in working with people in pain who had failed using traditional methods: Trainers, Chiros, Pain Specialist and Medications.

Brianna has a doctorate Physical Therapy with hundreds of clinical hours under her belt.

Together, with the help and feedback of their successful clients, they developed the 9 Step Reset U ‘Mechanabolic Reset’ system.